In 1987, the Ford family introduced a mausoleum complex to the cemetery.

The Memorial Park Cemetery Mausoleum is  built of enduring granite and marble crypts which embody the concept of perpetual care and is placed in a beautiful and spiritually satisfying setting for above-ground interments and services sheltered from the weather.

The mausoleum is accessible year-round and each crypt is individual and distinctive yet easily located for private commemoration.

It is important to point out that when you select a mausoleum entombment, you eliminate the need to select... or purchase... a grave space, which may range between $650 and $1500 plus the cost of a burial vault and a grave marker.  The single action of choosing a mausoleum site encompasses all of these, and it is for this reason that the cost of mausoleum entombment is usually less expensive than traditional ground burial.

Types of Crypt Arrangements 

1. True Companion

16' in length, accommodates two caskets head to head. A partition between caskets is available but not required. The memorial stone front is 2' 11" wide and 2' 4" high.

2. Side by Side Crypt Arrangement

Symbolic of way husband and wife marry and spend life together. Each space is 8' in length. Deluxe companion memorial stone tablet is 6' in length. Usually available in choice locations.

Companion pricing ranges between $7750 and $10,250 per couple

Individual Mausoleum entombment prices range between $3100 and $3950


  • Burial crypts are constructed of 3" thick steel-reinforced concrete
  • Caskets are placed in a clean, dry, and ventilated space - then, permanently sealed with a cement tablet
  • Stone crypt fronts of marble or granite are held in place by bronze rosettes
  • Memorial inscriptions are permanently placed on the stone tablet after burial
  • A mausoleum burial space is the equivalent of a cemetery space, vault and monument
  • Mausoleum crypts are inflation beaters
  • Mausoleum entombment has become popular because it is protected from the elements of weather and earth and becomes a beautiful memorilization in itself

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium, often within a mausolem or chapel, is constructed of numerous small compartments (niches) designed to hold urns containing cremated remains.

Niche prices range between $1200 and $2000